Julian Weber


Tanzplattform Deutschland 2022,,

Concentrated movement patterns from pole dancing and ballet encounter sculptural research. Julian Weber continues his interdisciplinary combination of visual art and choreography in search for the movement-aesthetic potential in the sculpture of Constantin Brânçusi. An alignment of body, sculpture, space and movement. A musical composition merging Balkan folk, Western classical music and contemporary fragmented pop accompanies this balance of abstraction, formalisation and interlocking genres. An expert extension – allongé.

Choreography, Scenography, Dance: Julian Weber / Dance: Shade Théret, György Jellinek / Music: Evelyn Saylor / Lighting, Performance: Annegret Schalke / Costumes: Don Aretino / Production: Juan Gabriel Harcha

Fri, 18.03.22, 15:00
Sat, 19.03.22, 20:00
Sun, 20.03.22, 19:00

Venue: Uferstudios / ST14, Badstr. 41a, 13357 Berlin
Duration: 65'

Visit Information:
Access to this event is according to regulations
currently in place. You can find our hygiene concept here.

The show uses a fog machine. The audience area is seated. Early boarding is possible.


Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and Tanzfabrik Berlin.